The craft beer community in Tucson has been growing rapidly in recent years, with news of breweries, pubs, and events coming faster than most can keep up.

A google search in 2016 for craft beer in Tucson yielded the Paste Magazine’s Craft Beer Guide to Tucson as the top result, but since that guide was becoming fast outdated, the idea for this website was born.

This site aims to be a directory of information about craft beer in Tucson, with information about breweries, craft beer, and where to find it in the city.

This site does not aim to be a ratings site about specific beers, breweries, bars, or events. The goal here is to simply help educate others who are seeking out good beer in Tucson, and hopefully play a small part in helping this community grow.

We try to present all information in an unbiased way; the goal is for readers and visitors to get out there, try beers for yourselves, and make up your own mind about which breweries and beers you prefer.

Cheers and happy beer hunting!